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‘Anarchy – Civil or Subversive?’by DMP & 325

Bored of the type of anarchism that seems to exist only as a boring routine of endless meetings and crap benefit gigs full of self-important tossers?
Sick of middleclass mummys boys pretending to be proles?
Fed up of being told what the “class struggle” is and isn’t?
We are too and so we put together this booklet about it.

‘The Sun Still Rises’by the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire: Imprisoned Members Cell’

“The guerrilla has finally escaped the pages of books dealing with decades past and taken to the streets with ferocity. Because the urban guerrilla doesn’t offer utopian freedom. She allows access to immediate freedom. Accordingly, each person begins to define herself and liberate herself from society’s passivity. There is now noise everywhere—the marvelous noise of widespread destruction—as well as the requisite revolutionary discourse to follow bombings against targets that serve domination.”

‘August 2011 Revolt: Anarchy in the UK’

“The August insurrection set alight the grey murk of the day to day urban grind as life exploded into the streets where the law of the land tells us only self-policing drones can walk under the watchful eyes of the CCTV controllers. I can’t really offer anything profound or point to any better future or make any predictions – other than that nothing is over! It was one of the most alive moments in my short life though so far. It was my time, our time – time to go for it, let our rage out of the box on the prison society’s streets, where the veil came off and we see how our individual isolation on the street comes from mass paralysis, where we could face our enemy the cops, in it together against them and the Law and Order they protect. To me there was no hesitation – I couldn’t wait for the rioting to spread out of London, and the pictures of the capitol burning had me joyously convulsing inside, impatient to join the insurrection. I think that divides everyone – those for who the uprising was ours and those who saw it as something foreign, strange, problematic, and scary. At the soonest opportunity when the lawlessness spread we were out there, euphoric, trying to spread it more: Running riot through the temples of consumerism, fighting the police, smashing and burning.”

“Sustained attacks on the social peace of the rich will continue.”- Interview with Chilean anarchist Marcelo Villaroel

“The Social War imposed on us by Power and the State is the daily struggle to free all Social Rebels via an insurrectional perspective that attempts to confront the totality of the oppressive, repressive, and exploitative existent. By demanding constant attack on all aspects of Capitalist Life, combat develops simultaneously in all spheres of reality. It’s not a strategy of War defined by a group that focuses on a leader, a Vanguardist concept, or military strikes and advances. Rather, it’s the diffuse, everyday multiplication of autonomous action by Rebels and Insurrectionists who can no longer tolerate this shitty life, this social spectacle called Democracy.”

‘Off the Leash’: iconoclastic words from Zo d’Axa, Albert Libertad, Emile Armand, Renzo Novatore, Enzo Martucci and Erinne Vivani

Here we publish these texts by a few enemies of society alive in Italy and France in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as a celebration of the rebellious and individualistic zest for life. Rather than detached thinkers these were individuals of action, active perpetrators of the crime of freedom – the crime that contains all crimes –, ready and willing to rob the rich and attack the State, not for ‘some cause’ but for themselves.

‘Reclaim Your Mind’: An urgent message to the ‘insane’, the ‘angry’, the ‘unstable’, the ‘chaotic’, the ‘depressed’…

We are pleased to publish this anonymous text which appeared on the old website of the 325 Collective in 2003 and which was re-edited and published online in 2011. We don’t agree with this text entirely and are pessimistic about the prospect of a wide-spread ‘healing’ of Earth or the masses of society – as has always been the case, minorities will throw off the chains of social obligations, will seize their own life trajectory and wilfully define themselves, finding each other and creating unique moments of beauty, life and freedom. Maybe in the ruins of techno-industrial mass society a widespread healing will
occur. For the time being, we aim to liberate ourselves from the cage we’ve been born into,
alongside as many others as possible. This means overcoming the limiting constraints of our mental patterns and freeing ourselves from the self-fulfilling diagnoses of mental illness, to glory in our inscrutable uniqueness and our dysfunctionality – our refusal to be working, integrated components of the megamachine.